Huntsville-Headquartered and in High Demand

Inducted in 2001

To support customers beyond their expectations, while implementing digital telecommunications services over existing telephone networks, is the philosophy that guides Huntsville-based ADTRAN. That commitment and a line of superior advanced transmission products for high-speed digital communications have made the company a top provider of deployment and access solutions for carrier, enterprise, and global networks. Industry-leading ADTRAN makes a vital contribution to the backbone supporting today’s Internet, and to the remarkable health of the Alabama economy.

Worldwide, ADTRAN technologies support more than two million local loops. Gartner/Dataquest and IDC report that ADTRAN holds winning revenue positions in the integrated access, frame relay/digital data service, ISDN (integrated services digital network) extension, and digital subscriber line/T1/E1 markets. Rapid growth and impressive profitability prompted stock analysts to name ADTRAN a NASDAQ 100 Index stock in 1996. The company’s sales have increased five-fold since its initial public offering in 1994.

In 1999, the firm reported an impressive 28 percent increase in gross revenues. Howard Thrailkill, president and chief operating officer at ADTRAN, has noted that a full calendar of scheduled product introductions through 2001 should sustain the company’s growth momentum. Mark C. Smith, ADTRAN chairman and chief executive officer, was honored in March 2000, by the Birmingham News for his diligent, intelligent leadership of this company so important in and beyond Alabama. The paper named Mr. Smith CEO of the year.

ADTRAN was incorporated in 1985 and began operations in 1986. This followed AT&T’s divestiture of the Regional Bell Operating Companies. New FCC rulings put ADTRAN in a strong position to supply network equipment to the seven regional Bells and to more than 1,300 independent telephone companies in the United States. Today, ADTRAN also provides products to a large number of corporate end-users and to a growing number of international customers. In addition, the company develops custom-designed products for many well-known original equipment manufacturers. No other organization in the industry can approach ADTRAN’s breadth of digital access equipment.

Again according to Dataquest, ADTRAN is among the top ten suppliers worldwide of time division multiplex access equipment for carriers and the enterprise. It is one of very few vendors able to offer comprehensive, fully compatible transmission and connectivity solutions across the network. ADTRAN equipment for voice, data, and video applications can serve both ends of the network: from a central office/network operating center to a customer’s data terminal equipment. In the past five years, GTE has twice honored ADTRAN as a Best in Class Supplier and once awarded the company its Supplier of the Year award. (More than a thousand suppliers worldwide are in the running each year.)

Second only to its goal of supporting customers is ADTRAN’s commitment to support engineering education in the state of Alabama. Acknowledging its ultimate dependence on local intellectual capital, the company has generously endowed a number of engineering scholarships at Alabama A&M, Auburn University, and The University of Alabama in Huntsville. ADTRAN is furthermore an active partner in the Huntsville City Schools’ specialized New Century Technology School and Williams Technology Middle School. Students at these institutions thrive on the excitement of assignment to actual business projects, many of which belong to ADTRAN.

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