Dennis L. Baxendale

Solid Gold Leadership In Plating, Electrochemicals

Inducted in 2003

ELTECH Systems Corporation — Ohio developer of electro-chemicals, specialty materials, and related technologies — prefers to serve its worldwide clientele in low-key fashion, admits Dennis L. Baxendale, the firm’s distinguished president and CEO. However, eluding the spotlight could become a challenge with recent intense growth in manufacturers’ reliance on ELTECH products. The Corporation’s core competence in electrochemistry provided the framework for development of revolutionary electrodes used by the world’s copper electrowinning industry. This new product, currently being commercialized, will provide economic and environmental benefit to the global copper industry.

ELTECH’s primary dimensionally stable anode product employed by the world’s chlor-alkali industry has benefited the industry and the United States by a savings of 16.3 billion kilowatt hours of electrical energy annually. This is the equivalent of the power requirement for the city of New York for 3.5 months each year. In addition, ELTECH’s electrochemical catalyst technology is used to provide the zinc finish for rolled sheet steel that is internationally known as the pioneering product behind today’s ten-year corrosion warranties on new cars.

Mr. Baxendale is also well known to his fellow engineers, especially those with links to his alma mater. His hard work and success provide an example for the young; his knowledge and experience, good counsel to the elders. Mr. Baxendale received his B.S. in chemical engineering from The University of Alabama in 1966. His interest in UA’s College of Engineering has endured throughout his career. The College acknowledges the stabilizing influence of this eminent engineer on its academic and other programs. Recognizing Mr. Baxendale both as a Distinguished Engineering Fellow (2000) and as a Chemical Engineering Fellow (1999), the College continues to appreciate the honor that comes to it by Mr. Baxendale’s affiliation.

During two summers, as a College of Engineering intern, Mr. Baxendale excelled as engineer-in-training at Diamond Sham-rock’s Mobile chlorine plant. Upon graduation his first post was that of process engineer at the plant. Before being transferred to Muscle Shoals, he had risen to head the Mobile engineering group overseeing all plant engineering and construction.

Similar fast-paced promotions rewarded the budding technical manager at plants in Muscle Shoals, Houston, and Delaware City, Delaware; then, finally, in Cleveland, Ohio, by which time (1977) he was a seasoned supervisor. Mr. Baxendale, as electrochemical division technical manager in Cleveland, coordinated all process engineering at eight plants along with many administrative tasks.

Transferred to Baltimore in 1979, he assumed responsibility for all facets of a 200-worker Diamond Shamrock plant, manufacturing a yeast and baking product line. Thus introduced to the foods division, his next transfer, to Texas and the firm’s oil and gas operations, would further broaden Mr. Baxendale’s experience.

In 1981, he reentered electrochemicals as manager of technology in the electrolytic systems division. Divestiture of this unit the following year created ELTECH. A “charter member” of ELTECH’s upper management, Mr. Baxendale advanced steadily from general manager to vice president and executive vice president to president; in 1998 he accepted the additional duties of chief executive officer. ELTECH is active on a global basis with representation in Europe and South America and currently operates a joint venture in Shanghai, China, in addition to its domestic manufacturing plants and corporate headquarters. Mr. Baxendale has also served as a board member of two ELTECH joint ventures, OxyTech Systems and RETEC of Luxembourg.

Mr. Baxendale is a native of Stapleton, Alabama. He currently resides with his wife, Ann, in Lakewood Ranch, Florida. Mr. and Mrs. Baxendale are the parents of a daughter and a son.

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