G. W. Jones & Sons Consulting Engineers Inc.

Over 100 Years of Engineering Success

Inducted in 2007

For well over a century, G. W. Jones & Sons Consulting Engineers Inc. (GWJ) has engineered the changes necessary to keep pace with the continual growth of the north Alabama area. Since its founding in 1886 by the late G. W. Jones, the company has provided continuous service to the people and governments of Madison County and north Alabama. It has been a major force in the region’s development and growth from an agricultural-based, rural environment to an urban, highly technical economy.

GWJ has been a family business since its inception. The current chief executive officer of the firm is Raymond B. Jones, a grandson of the founder. In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the firm concentrated on general engineering projects such as bridges, paving, land surveying, and water and wastewater systems. GWJ served as city engineer for the city of Huntsville for 36 years and also served as county engineer for Madison County for many years, designing and supervising many highway projects that included bridges, culverts, and other structures.

Since those early years, GWJ has grown into a company that has been successful in providing engineering services for a variety of specialized projects. The company’s three primary areas of expertise are highway engineering, water and wastewater engineering, and airport engineering. In addition, the firm has performed services for environmental assessments, industrial-park development, master planning, land planning, and commercial and residential development.

In the area of highway engineering, GWJ has designed numerous arterial roadways, streets, and bridges ranging from local residential streets to major collector roadways. The company’s years of experience in the design of highways that meet AASHTO standards, coupled with its qualified staff, aid in preparing accurate and well-designed highway plans.

GWJ also has substantial engineering expertise in the design of water and wastewater collection and treatment systems. Water distribution design includes the development of ground and surface water supply by locating well sites and the designing of transmission mains, service lines, and pumping stations. Design of wastewater systems includes planning, funding, permitting, treatment plant design,
and collection system design.

GWJ was responsible for the original design of the Huntsville International Airport-Carl T. Jones Field (named for a son of G. W. Jones and former partner of the firm). The initial design included two parallel runways 5,000 feet apart; numerous taxiway apron expansions were later designed and built. Shortly after completion of the initial construction, the airport complex received the National Achievement Award from the American Consulting Engineers Council. Subsequent expansion projects included the International Intermodal Center design, terminal design, airport master plan, and construction management and resident project representation. Today, Carl T. Jones Field has parallel runways of 10,000 and 12,600 feet, respectively, making it one of the nation’s longest commercial runways.

The management and staff of GWJ work together to see that the needs of its customers are met on schedule and within budget. Regardless of the nature or size of the project, GWJ adheres to the same high standards of leadership, project management, design, and integrity established by its founder 120 years ago and carried on by each succeeding generation.

As CEO Raymond B. Jones puts it, “GWJ is a shirt-sleeve, first-name, get-it-done company whose employees take as much pride in its success as does its management.”

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