Shelby Engineering Centers

A Legacy for All Alabamians

Inducted in 2009

Studies and reports vouch for the critical importance of education in the areas of engineering, mathematics, and science. If you combine those results with Sen. Richard C. Shelby’s belief that investment in education pays off and that it pays off for every Alabamian, you have a constellation of five interdisciplinary research and technology centers providing the beacons that will attract the brightest minds to our state, thus securing Alabama’s place in the engineering and technological future.

These state-of-the-art centers, all possible through the efforts of Sen. Shelby, enhance and will continue to enhance the campuses of five public universities throughout Alabama.

Shelby Center for Engineering Technology at Auburn University, the cornerstone of Auburn University’s program, is complete through the first phase, which houses facilities for studies in industrial and systems engineering, computer science, software engineering and research. The second phase will include an advanced research laboratory building and a new mechanical engineering building, as well as post-doctoral and graduate student offices. The graduate student offices will provide graduate students increased accessibility to senior faculty members and other students, thus fostering a sense of community and collaboration.

Shelby Hall at The University of Alabama provides facilities for research coalitions and centers in transportation, geosciences, energy, biosciences, chemical sciences, and material sciences. In addition, the new interdisciplinary transportation and science complex houses the College of Arts and Sciences’ chemistry department.

Shelby Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research Building at The University of Alabama at Birmingham provides research laboratories and support facilities for programs in autoimmunity and immunobiology, brain diseases and injuries, biomedical engineering and bone matrix research, and diabetes.

Shelby Center for Science and Technology at The University of Alabama in Huntsville contains classroom and laboratory facilities for studies in mathematics and biology. It also houses two facilities dedicated to supporting technological research and economic development: the Center for Modeling, Simulation, and Analysis and the Center for Management and Economic Research.

Shelby Engineering and Science Center at the University of South Alabama in Mobile is still on the architect’s drawing board, but plans include laboratory and research facilities for future engineers, scientists, and researchers. The center will provide laboratory and research space to facilitate the university’s support of local and regional industry.

Richard C. Shelby, the senior senator from Alabama, has been serving his home state in one capacity or another for 46 years. The four-term senator is a fifth-generation Alabamian, born in Birmingham, and a graduate of The University of Alabama’s undergraduate and law programs. Auburn dean of engineering Larry D. Benefield had this to say in his letter of nomination: “These five facilities will do much to move the State of Alabama into the future with [their] emphasis on high-technology, knowledge-based economies. … I believe that they should be honored together as a legacy to his wisdom, foresight, and dedication to Alabama’s citizens.”

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