TTL Inc.

A Socially Responsible Company Leading Through Innovation

Inducted in 2010

The key to understanding TTL’s accomplishments is best outlined by recapping some of the memorable projects that have defined TTL as an innovative and pioneering firm. These projects fall across a wide spectrum that include geotechnical, analytical, materials and environmental engineering.

TTL performed subsurface exploration and preliminary engineering geology for the largest-permitted, subtitle “C” hazardous waste landfill in Alabama. They were the first engineering firm in Alabama to have a project accepted by the Alabama Department of Environmental Management under the Alabama Brownfield Voluntary Redevelopment Act.

The Alabama firm’s use of groundwater modeling technology to model the methane gas concentrations in a solid-waste landfill was an innovative use of existing technology. Previously, Soil Vapor Extraction (SVE) systems were created primarily on a trial and error basis. By using groundwater modeling, TTL designed a more efficient and cost-saving system that reduced design, capital and operating costs.

TTL’s geotechnical expertise and innovation have been demonstrated at many sites including a project in which company engineers led a design-build team in the construction of a load transfer platform consisting of deep foundation elements supporting a geosynthetic and stone platform. In a high-rise building project, TTL recommended the sole use of a micropile foundation system that created significant cost savings.

For the Montgomery Riverwalk Stadium, TTL played a key role as geotechnical engineer and construction testing firm in overcoming the challenges of a confined site, subsurface conditions, and time and budget constraints. Thanks to TTL, the new home of the Biscuits retained its historic roots.

By providing diverse water-testing services, TTL assists clients in meeting regulatory and compliance requirements. TTL was the first commercial Alabama laboratory to use ICP-AES technology to provide services essential to the health and well being of children and adults in the state of Alabama.

TTL’s impact on the state does not end with engineering. Perhaps equally important to its project innovations, the company is a strong supporter of education at all levels—from elementary education to the university level. By offering sizable prizes to reward reading performance, TTL spearheaded a successful accelerated reader program with Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School in the Tuscaloosa City School System. The program significantly increased book checkout and reading comprehension rates. The same program was enhanced at Catoma Elementary School in Montgomery. At the middle-school level, TTL is a long-standing supporter of the adopt-a-school program. TTL’s passion for advanced education is fulfilled not only by many hours of volunteering and guest lecturing, but also through endowed scholarships for prospective engineers at The University of Alabama.

With more than 180 employees in six locations in three states, TTL’s economic impact is significant to Alabama. TTL is a socially responsible company dedicated to providing innovative and value-based solutions to its clients. What began 45 years ago as a modest business of providing test results for concrete expanded into a strong, vibrant and established company with solid growth and an unparalleled reputation across the Southeast.

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